Who's MTV's Sexiest Man Alive?

Ever since People magazine announced Bradley Cooper as this year's Sexiest Man Alive (simultaneously crushing all Ryan Gosling fans), we've been wondering who MTV fans would vote as the all-time sexiest guy on the network. We searched high and low to come up with this list of dudes, and we're now calling on YOU to pick who should be crowned MTV's Sexiest Man Alive! Have a looksie:

Eric Nies, "Real World: New York "

Even though this "Real World" old-schooler went on to do the dirty hippie thing, he set the standard of what to expect from all of our MTV studs. His sexy--and often shirtless--look has been copied by countless reality stars (see below) to this day, and for that, he deserves a nomination.

Danny Roberts, "Real World: New Orleans"

Danny was the kindhearted cutie who had a boyfriend in the military during the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" era. His gorgeous smile and twinkling eyes melted the hearts of guys and girls alike. And, he was so popular that he nabbed a guest-starring role on the biggest teen show of that time, "Dawson's Creek." Let's hope we see him on our TV screens again someday!

Brody Jenner, "The Hills"

LC and K-Cav were smitten with Brody during their time on the series, and we can see why. The attractive socialite had a wicked sense of humor, which came in handy when fending off Speidi. After "The Hills," Brody moved on to pop tart Avril Lavigne, whom he now defends with blood and honor.

Colton Haynes, "Teen Wolf"

Colton burns up the screen as brooding Jackson Whittemore, the teen wolf's archrival. While his character wants to go werewolf, fans are pretty satisfied watching the well-sculpted Jackson in human form. Offscreen, he's attracted the attention of other MTV talent, including costar Holland Roden and Lauren Conrad. He's certainly a wanted man!

Kenny Santucci, "The Challenge: Fresh Meat"

You'd never know by looking at him that Kenny started off as an overweight kid, especially since he now refers to himself as Mr. Beautiful. While his cocky personality isn't always pretty, he's earned the nickname in terms of his physique.

Chris CT Tamburello, "Real World: Paris" and "The Challenge: Rivals"

CT is the ultimate MTV bad boy, and although he's been a hothead since his "Real World" days, his perfectly chiseled bod and handsome mug have made him a fan favorite. CT won even more supporters during his latest stint on "The Challenge" when he chilled his 'tude in an effort to be more of a Mr. Nice Guy.

Alton Williams, "Real World: Las Vegas" and "The Challenge: Inferno 3"

This Sin City alum is best known for dominating The Challenges, no doubt thanks to his killer bod. Eric Nies would be proud--if not envious--of those abs. Maybe Alton should make a workout video so we can all learn how to get a six-pack like his!

Zach Nichols, "Real World: San Diego"

His opinions may be controversial, but his hookup buddy Ashley would be the first to attest to his handsome, all-American appeal. Plus, he takes great care of his skin, so he's completely blemish-free.

Johnny Knoxville, "Jackass"

This MTV daredevil loved risking his life for the sake of his show, and even when he had to complete disgusting pranks, Johnny never failed to look yummy. In fact, his boyish good looks helped turn him into a bona fide movie star.

Vinny Guadagnino, "Jersey Shore"

Sorry, Sitch, but Vinny's the house guido we're hearing most about these days. He's a decent guy--even Snooki chose to hook up with him. And since he's focused on becoming a Hollywood actor, he could actually nab People's coveted crown one day!

+ All right, it's your turn to vote. Tell us who you think is MTV's Sexiest Man Alive by taking our poll!


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Photos: Frank Micelotta/Getty Images, Jimmy Malecki, Jason Odell, Jason Campbell, Ian Spanier, Sean Cliver, Emily Shur