5 Life Lessons Chelsea Learned From Her Workplace Competition

On the latest episode of "Chelsea Settles," our fashion-forward salesgirl felt like she took a step backward when her best friend at work was replaced by a supremely confident girl named Ashley. At first, our lovable but insecure heroine was threatened by the new employee, but she eventually proved that she had the skills to excel at her job. Let's take a look at what Chelsea learned from the competitive experience:

Don't Compare Yourself To Others

After finally feeling like she belonged at The Vanity Room, Chelsea was thrown for a loop when she met her new coworker. The shop's boss praised Ashley for being an excellent stylist, and Chelsea assumed it was Laura's way of saying she couldn't measure up to the new super employee. But just because someone else is talented, that doesn't mean you're not as well.

Ask For An Outside Perspective

Chelsea opened up to her pal Devon about her insecurities at work and was surprised that he was on Team Ashley (well, sorta). He advised her to mirror the things Ashley did well, like projecting self-confidence. By seeking a friend's opinion, Chelsea was able to view her workplace enemy from a new--and less intimidating--angle.

Don't Underestimate Yourself

Chelsea was worried when she and Ashley were asked to style models for a photo shoot. The California newbie feared that she'd bomb the challenge and get fired from her job; she didn't give herself enough credit for her own fashion expertise and unique personal style.

Swallow Your Pride

Chelsea knew that she needed a great model to make a good impression on Laura. So even though she and her roommate Jenna weren't on speaking terms, Chelsea repaired their friendship and asked Jenna to be her model. Their renewed relationship proved to be crucial when Jenna willingly wore a look she wasn't comfortable in.

Help Others Help You

When Jenna expressed anxiety about modeling, Chelsea calmed her down and instilled confidence in her, just as Jenna had done for her so many times before. Chelsea took control of the photo shoot and ensured that her model felt awesome in front of the camera. By episode's end, Chelsea no longer feared being outshined by Ashley. In fact, Ashley started to seem nervous about measuring up to Chelsea!

+ What was your favorite lesson from this experience? Sound off in the comments and let us know if you've ever had a workplace nemesis!

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