MTV's Sloppiest Hookups Of 2011

Regardless of how you feel about 2011, it happened. But now it's six short weeks from being as over as a Kim Kardashian marriage, so to help kiss the year goodbye, we've scoured through the sloppiest hookups that aired on MTV. If you haven't seen them, you need to...and if you have, there's no harm at all in watching them again. After all, this is our network's specialty.

Moment: Jenna And Matty's Back Room Bang

Show: "Awkward."

The last night of summer camp might have been a total dream for the socially-challenged teen if Matty had taken her virginity somewhere other than the floor of the storage room, right next to the industrial-sized can of Pine-Sol. And if he hadn't accidentally tried to enter through her back door.

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Moment: Two Meatballs Make Meatloaf

Show: "Jersey Shore"

This movable feast, in which Deena and Snooki practically digested each other's tongues, didn't sit well with anyone who witnessed it. By Sammi's calculations, the two meatballs spiced things up for three hours straight.

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Moment: Laurel And Mandi's Surprise Smooch

Show: "The Challenge: Rivals,"

Typically when girls are jealous of one another, they resort to rude tactics like talking behind each other's backs, or yelling in each other's faces. In this case, Mandi, who realized that Laurel was also pining for her man, decided to make out with her rival. The logic wasn't exactly sound, but the intensity was off the charts!

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Moment: Frank Loses His Gay Club Virginity

Show: "Real World: San Diego"

When Frank's not "Franking Out," he's usually making out, which is way more fun to watch, especially when he's so drunk that he forgets he's out in public.

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Moment: Max Owens Is Gay

Show: "Hard Times"

Perhaps the best thing about Max Owens' true sexual orientation coming to light was that RJ Berger was the one who discovered it. After years of getting abused by the popular bully, RJ finally had something to hang over his head: A secret locker room make-out sesh with another dude.

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