MTV's Top 5 Gross-Out Moments Of 2011

With the end of 2011 fast approaching, we got a little nostalgic and started thinking about our favorite MTV episodes, which, naturally, included some gag-tastic goings-on (who doesn't dig a scene that nearly makes them puke?). If your stomach can handle it, check out our rundown of the "Top Gross-Out Moments" from the year:

Moment: "Pukegonia"

Show: "The Challenge: Rivals"

The competitors had no idea what was in store when they took their seats at the "Final Feast." While the goal to ingest everything in sight didn't sit well with any of the teams, it really didn't sit well with Leroy and Mike, who couldn't keep an ounce of food down.

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Moment: Wolfsbane Is Yanked Out Of Jackson's Neck

Show: "Teen Wolf"

While getting checked out by a doc, Jackson drifted off to sleep and had a nightmare about a wolfsbane plant being pulled out of his squirming body. It seemed to last forever!

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Moment: Nate Upchucks On The High Seas

Show: "Real World: San Diego"

Enjoying the smell of the ocean and the calming breeze wasn't enough for Nate, who put on a show for his roommates by ingesting a live anchovy while it was still wiggling in his teeth. He promptly vomited the whole thing over the side of the boat.

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Moment: Stubeck Aims And Fires

Show: "Death Valley"

While looking for a mole on the force, Undead Task Force Captain Stubeck realized the informant was the camera guy. So what did he do? He closed out their rigorous fighting match by pointing a gun at his head and blasting his brain all over the window blinds. Take that, vampire.

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Moment: The Boys Get Infected

Show: "Beavis and Butt-Head"

After watching "Twilight" and thinking that the way to score chicks was to become a vampire, the two buds sought out what they thought was a blood-thirsty animal that could help them with the transformation. Instead, they ran into a hobo who gave them a slew of nasty diseases.

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