'Real World' Poll: Are Frank And Michael Moving Too Fast?

People tend to move through new relationships at different paces. While Zach and Ashley still remain friends with (unsatisfying) benefits, Frank and Michael have no desire to take things slowly--they're already talking about buying puppies and becoming roomies after taping for the "Real World" wraps! As cute as it is to imagine Frankel embarking upon on domestic bliss with a new pooch in tow, isn't it just...a little...too...soon?

Between Zashley's "it's complicated" status and Priscilla's unbearably awkward encounter with her ex-beau, Dylan, Frankel is currently our top couple of the house. But these two haven't known each other that long--Michael's never even seen his new lover experience a "Frankout!" Watching his man smash vases and blubber obscenities may make him think twice about sharing his glassware, let alone his bedroom.

+ No doubt Frank and Michael are a cool match, but do they know each other well enough to be making big future plans? Take the poll and let us know if you think they're moving too fast.

Are Frank and Michael moving too fast?

  • Yes, they've only known each other for a few weeks!
  • No, sometimes falling in love happens quickly.

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