Psychology Today Calls 'Jersey Shore' Cast Perfect Dating Prototype

Vinny, Pauly D and Deena get caught off guard by a wave at the "Jersey Shore."

It's possible the concept of GTL has drawn mockery or even ire from some who simply don't understand the "Jersey Shore" regimen. But the doubters can all suck it, because an academic periodical says the process is scientifically proven to work when it comes to attracting the opposite sex. HOW 'BOUT IT, NONBELIEVERS?!

According to Psychology Today, "self-care" is the most important component in attracting a date, and the magazine points to "Jersey Shore" methods of upkeep as standards of excellence. While the idea of looking good is certainly not a new one, PT says that grooming, clothing choice and fitness maintenance are marks everyone should look to hit, and while it also notes that JWOWW endowments or a "Situation" six-pack are not relationship essentials (tell that to Brittany...) everyone can benefit from some time spent in the gym or salon. Oh, and stand up straight, you slouch.

+ More than 100 surveyed said simple primping was the key to a romantic connection, but do you agree? Or is the shaggy standard of "I Just Want My Pants Pack" more your style?

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Photo: Brian Prahl/Splash News