Vinny Guadagnino Gives A Nod To Orville Redenbacher [Photos]

Vinny gets a good lickin' in Las Vegas on the red carpet of his birthday bash.

Just when we thought he was headed down the ominous path of boundless facial scruff and unkempt under-chin hair, Vinny Guadagnino cleaned up his act. Sorta.

Over the weekend, the "Jersey Shore" birthday boy (and Philips Norelco hair care expert!) proudly took his spot along the buzzing red carpet at Chateau Nightclub in Las Vegas, where he happily celebrated his 24th with friends (and presumably told them all about the fabulous birthday poem that Remote Control wrote for him).

Something about spotting Vin donning a sharp Orville Redenbacher-esque bow tie along with a perfectly tailored suit warms our heart a little bit. Not that we don't love his vast collection of ironic T-shirts, but come on--dude's killing the purple right now!

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Photos: STARPICZ/Splash News