'Teen Mom 2' Season 2 Trailer: Prepare For Explosive Drama [Video]

When last we left the cast of "Teen Mom 2," there were a lot of loose ends dangling in the ether. At the series' reunion, we learned that Chelsea was back together with Aubree's father, Adam, but had yet to find comfort or stability in the relationship; Jenelle and her mother, Barbara, were still at each other's throats (if you recall, Barbara called Jenelle "unlovable" on stage, causing a massive argument); Kailyn and Jo were no longer speaking; and while Leah had her happily ever after with Corey, committing till death do they part, their daughter Ali's health issues were looming with no concrete answers in sight.

Season 2 premieres Tuesday, Dec. 6, at 10/9c, and the drama is off the charts right from the start. To her mother's great frustration (and uncontrollable anger), Jenelle continues to date bad boy Kieffer, and the dysfunctional couple's fighting turns physical. As Ali undergoes numerous tests to find out if she's suffering from a brain abnormality, Leah's marriage begins to disintegrate. Kail and Jo are talking again, and possibly even more, and Chelsea just can't seem to let go of Adam, no matter how bad his attitude gets.

It's evident by the trailer below that this will be a tough 12 episodes to watch, but hopefully there's a light at the tunnel for these four young women and their children.

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