'Death Valley' Poll: Is The War Between Humans And Vamps Finito?

For the first time in "Death Valley," things are really looking up. John-John is alive (but amnesia has left him forgetful of certain details), the UTF is finally laying off of Kirsten and the long war between humans and vampires in Southern California is finally coming to a close. Or is it...?

Though police were responsible for the death of Santos' son, Rico, the vampire movement's big boss told Captain Dashell he was ready to let bygones be bygones and initiate the bloodsucking equivalent to a ceasefire. Dashell, whose niece might just be a vampire herself, was hesitant to accept the terms of the man with pointy teeth. Ultimately, though, while Pierce and Stubeck were busy scouring police HQ in search of a mole, Dashell decided to play nice and agree to move toward a nonviolent future. Then, obviously, he left the vampire tribe to ceremoniously feast on the bone marrow Rico's body had left behind.

+ Tell us what you think! As the "Death Valley" finale draws near, do you think there's a possibility for peace between the species? Or is Santos pulling the blood-stained wool over the eyes of the UTF?

Is the war between humans and vamps finally over?

  • Not a chance! Rico's father has got something up his sleeve.
  • It's likely. The vamps had a chance to kill Dashell, and they didn't.

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