A Closer Look At Snooki's New Animal Print Ink [Photos]

We should have seen this coming. When she dressed up like a leopard for Halloween, blowing fans' minds with the intricate detail of her elaborate costume, we should have expected that Snooki's next cat-like transformation would be a permanent one (how else could she ever top herself?). And even though many of you have been questioning the authenticity of her latest ink, the design itself is grabbing a ton of attention.

On Saturday, the former vet tech tattooed zebra- and leopard-print shooting stars atop the existing pink crown on her left--or is it the right?--arm, afterward posting these two pictures on her Facebook page. Before we could even ask for your critiques, a debate broke out over whether or not the tat was actually real and distracted us from the all more important question: Do you like it?

+ The verdict's still out as to the true nature of Snooki's ink (the above pic shows it on her right arm, the below pic shows it on her left, though web cams are known to pull funny tricks like that...), but the whole argument is soooo last night. At this point, we just want to know if you think the thing is cute or not! Sound off in the comments!

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Photos: Courtesy of Snooki's Facebook page