Snooki's Tattoo Mysteriously Switches Arms, Confuses Masses

Photo Tweeted by Snooki on Saturday, November 12, 2011.

Controversy on the interwebs! Snooki's Twitter and Facebook fans are currently in the midst of a heated debate over how the pink crown tattoo that once indelicately graced her upper right arm jumped all the way over to her upper left arm.

Earlier today, the "Jersey Shore" star posted the above photo and commented, "I added on to my tattoo! Zebra and leopard shooting stars ?" We thought the new animal-print embellishments were noteworthy enough to write about on Remote Control, but we found ourselves a little stumped for facts after skimming over an argument brewing underneath the image on display. Many people, such as Megan Hilliard M., pointed out a head-scratching discrepancy: "Love the tattoo! It's super cute!!!! Do you have one on each arm? Just wondering because I noticed there is another picture on ur page of the same tattoo on your right arm."


While some of Snooki's FB devotees tried to make sense of the confusion ("It's called a mirror image from the webcam," said Mandi-Marie G., and Chula B. reasoned that "the camera could've easily been a mode where it was reversed"), the basic consensus of the social media peanut gallery was that the tat was never permanent, or the picture was of someone else. (It wouldn't be the worst thing, considering the fashion industry's fickle history with animal print.)

+ What do you think about Snooki's body of work? Is her art authentic? Chime in on the debate!

Photo Tweeted by Snooki on Saturday, September 10, 2011.

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Photo: Courtesy of Snooki's Facebook page