'Black Swan' Brings Out The Ballerina In Snooki [Photos]

Seaside Heights may be known for its summer shares, but it's the closest thing Snooki has to a permanent residence. When she's not being filmed for "Jersey Shore," the saucy meatball (who's looking very low-fat these days) is living out of a suitcase, hotel-hopping across America so she can expand her "guidette" brand (and provide Crocadillys to every loner in need).

While we all love ordering room service and splurging on an overpriced movie-in-bed every once in a while, Dorothy said it best: There's truly no place like home. So it should come as no surprise to find that Snooks has been going a little stir crazy on the road. Just take a look at these pics of herself ballet dancing in/on her hotel room's desk chair--she posted them on Wednesday with the comment, "the outcome of me watching 'Black Swan.'"

At least she kept her koo-kah covered.

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Photos: Courtesy of Snooki's Facebook page