Cast Yourself On Yoostar On MTV For Xbox 360

Wish you could have challenged K-Cav to a battle of wits during her time on "The Hills"? Convinced the "Jersey Shore" house could use your quippy one-liners? If airing your dirty laundry for the world to see isn't your thing, but you've still been dying to be a cog in the "Fantasy Factory" machine, look no further than the MTV edition of YooStar on MTV for Xbox 360, through which you can be a part of your favorite MTV shows without drawing a deluge of shame from your family.

This holiday season, Yoostar on MTV will give gamers the chance to be a part of "The City," "Real World" and a slew of other series. With 70 scenes to choose among, players aim for high scores by reciting famous lines verbatim ("T-shirt time!," anyone?) or go rogue and decide for themselves how they'd respond to their virtual costars. Once recording sessions are set, players can upload videos to Facebook or Twitter so that friends can get a firsthand account of how effectively you can talk down the creatures of "Death Valley."

+ Take a look at the game setup below, and know that if you ever grow tired of the drama down in "Laguna Beach," YooStar on MTV also offers you the chance to take over for Lady Gaga, Diddy or The All-American Rejects as the lead in your own music video.

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Photos provided by HighWater Group