That's What You Said...About Avril Lavigne And Brody Jenner's Brawl

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It's pretty hard to picture Brody Jenner and Avril Lavigne involved in a bar fight, but the photo above speaks for itself. The story over who actually started the brawl varies, but Avril was left with a black eye and Brody's face was clearly bloodied. On Monday, the couple's fans on Remote Control and Facebook posted reactions to the violence--here's a sprinkling of what they said:

Remote Control:

"l love both of them. Let's hope they recover soon." -- Core

"There's already a picture of Avril all beaten, it's so sad! And it makes me sooo mad!" -- AvRiL_RoCkS_Em

"That sucks why did they get beaten up?" -- atirgi


"Brody to the rescue." -- Miranda

"Oh s*** he qot f***ed. Hopefully he is OK." -- Reina

"Some sick people out there. Hoping Brody and Avril are better soon." - Alison

+ As Avril Tweeted on Nov. 6, "Violence is NEVER the answer." And she's absolutely right. Have you shared your thoughts about the assault? Sound off in the comments, and feel free to leave some well wishes for the couple!

Photos: Maciel/