Vinny Guadagnino Turns 24 Today, So We Wrote Him A Poem

It's Vinny's birthday, and what better way to celebrate the "Jersey Shore" thinking man than gift him a poem straight from the heart? Well, there probably are better ways--we're sure he'd love a new BMW--but this is the best we could manage (we just used nickels to pay for lunch). Enjoy?

An Ode To Staten Island's Finest

When we sat down to think

Of ways to celebrate your big 2-4,

Anything besides writing a poem

Really felt like a huge expense bore.

These days you’re into spoken word

We know that from stalking your Twitter,

So we figured you'd appreciate the effort

Even if it belongs in the sh**ter.

Please accept this birthday rhyme

It's not exactly our specialty,

But you taught us to leave our comfort zone

When you met your long-lost family in Sicily.

Imagine this little ditty

Overflowing with tasty sweets,

Then recall how happy we (hopefully) made you

The next time we meet.

Today's about enjoying,

Forget the people that suck at life,

Ramona's the first that comes to mind

The stupid girl from Miami who stood you up and is totally regretting it now.

Beloved Vin: Here's to many more wild nights in Seaside

And special moments with your future bride!

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