Ronnie's Seriously Scruffy Beard: Hot Or Not?

Breakups typically create one of two scenarios for the couple in question: serious distaste for one another, or a sudden desire for a makeover (the latter is almost always triggered by a need to make the ex ooze with jealousy). Ronnie, who let the cat outta the bag during the "Jersey Shore Hook-Up: Live Edition" that he and Sammi are dunzo, has opted to change his look instead of talking smack about his on-and-off lovah (cue the applause).

Earlier this week, the "Jersey Shore" castie stopped by Access Hollywood to share how the pains of long-distance dating combined with career pressures pulled at his relationship with Sam. He made a convincing argument as to why they needed some indefinite time apart, but to be honest, the only thing we could focus on was the amount of scruff that's accumulated on his face.

+ What do you think of Single Ronnie's ode to the beard? Does he look mature and wise, or is he just taking this Movember thing too seriously? Vote in the poll!


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Photo courtesy of Access Hollywood