Spencer Pratt Takes An Academic Hit, Gets A 'B' Grade

Stop the presses and alert your local student body president: Trojan pupil Spencer Pratt is no longer getting the stellar marks he was at the start of the year! Earlier this semester, the academic enthusiast proudly tweeted his "A" grade to fans, but it seems that his mastery of the English language and understanding of formulaic sentence patterns have fallen by the wayside. That, or he just wrote a boring paper.

Yesterday afternoon, the former "Hills" villain shared a disappointing 'B' grade on Twitter, even snapping a photo of his professor's comments, which included the following criticism: "Overall, the structure of your paper needs work." Ouch.

Our advice? Don't fret over this one, Spence. We, too, were told that our writing chops left much to be desired in college, and now look at us! We's a bloggin' on the interwebs!

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Photo courtesy of @SpencerPratt