Maddy Won't Open Up To Her Trainer [Sneak Peek]

The weight-loss transformations we typically see on "I Used To Be Fat" would never happen without the help of dedicated and knowledgeable trainers. Often times, these fitness pros provide much more than tips on dieting and weight-lifting techniques; they become personal mentors, encouraging their students to open up in ways they never have before. But getting teens to wear their hearts on their sleeve isn't always easy.

Check out a sneak peek of Tuesday's all-new episode, where we meet Maddy, an overweight teen that's been keeping her emotions bottled up inside. As she takes a brisk walk with her trainer, it becomes clear that she's carrying around a lot of pent-up feelings, but unless she's willing to talk about what's bothering her, she'll never be able to shed the pounds. Hopefully her trainer can break through to her.

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