The Great Cornholio Returns To 'B&B' With A Fundamentalist Following

When two episodes of "Beavis And Butt-Head" came and went without a single mention of TP or bungholes, we worried the great Cornholio might have been left on Season 9's cutting-room floor. Thankfully, tonight Beavis tried to sodomize an action figure with a screw, which went through his hand and landed him in the hospital, and after some medical care and a handful of sedatives, the great Cornholio ultimately returned. He even brought with him his own accidental cult following!

While under the influence of a prescription pill or two, Beavis tested the white cloaked group's allegiance by demanding a savings account's worth of two-ply and sharing the wisdom of ca-ca, and other fecal euphemisms. But when everyone was an arm's reach away from total enlightenment, Beavis decided he was tired of being worshiped and pawned off his godly responsibilities on his annoying neighbor, Stewart. Just in time to miss the huge orgy.

+ What did you think of Cornholio's 2011 return, and would you follow him until the end of time? Or, at least, like, until he got sick of your unwavering devotion? Let us know how you think he compares to the headcase of the '90s!

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