Sisters Who Inspired 'Twinning' Get Busted For Auctioning Off...Themselves

Though Mike gave it his best shot, he was never able to seal a "twinning" deal with American students Brittany and Erica Taltos while overseas. And though his "Jersey Shore" plan of attack might have fallen flat in Italy, the sisters recently offered up a unique chance for others to pick up Sitch's slack.

The two University of Florida students put themselves up for auction last week on eBay, according to The Independent Florida Alligator. At a starting price of $1,000, they promised to provide one lucky moneybags some "twinning lessons," but eBay ultimately took down the post on Saturday, stating that auctioning off a date suggested sexual conduct, which is a violation of its policies.

Sexual conduct? With the two who are famous for hooking up with Deena, Vinny and Mike in a single night? How insultingly presumptuous!

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