Buy Your Very Own Crocodilly During Snooki's HSN Takeover!

Sure, you can ask Santa (though it's probably easier to go straight to your parents) to deliver you some fancy iPhone 4 this Christmas season, but wouldn't you much rather have a Crocodilly to tote around? Snooki's betting on it as she prepares to unleash two different "Jersey Shore" snuggle buddies during her two-hour fun-filled "A Very Snooki Holiday Special," which airs tomorrow at 8 p.m. ET on HSN.

We've seen our precious meatball lug her lime-green BFF throughout international airports, and spotted her humping him during nights when she failed to smush a live human being. Now, friends, you can own your very own plush bedtime buddy. It comes in two different sizes: small ($19.90) or large ($34.90), but we highly recommend the latter if you plan to spend the holiday season by your lonesome.

Oh, and if you're allergic to polyester, or happen to think you're too mature for stuffed animals (shame on you!), Snooks will also be selling her self-branded slippers, handbags, sunglasses and perfume.

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