5 Life Lessons Chelsea Learned From Her New Job

On this week's episode of "Chelsea Settles," our newly employed heroine was thrilled to enter the workforce, but her joy was short-lived when the realities of showing up to The Vanity Room set in. It was an intimidating place, to say the least, but after a few initial missteps, Chelsea learned how to fit in and embrace her new position. Let's review what the experience taught her:

Be Open To Constructive Criticism

Chelsea was enthusiastic to start her first day at work, but quickly wilted under her boss' watchful eye. After Laura gave her feedback on how to improve her performance, Chelsea felt dejected and feared that she'd get fired. Eventually, our girl bounced back and accepted that constructive criticism was only going to make her a better asset to the company.

Don't Hide When Things Get Tough

One of Laura's chief criticisms was that Chelsea tended to hide when she felt uncomfortable communicating with shop-goers. Eventually, she overcame her shyness and learned how to make herself available to clients that wanted her styling advice.

Support The Company Culture

The Pennsylvania transplant's wardrobe didn't fit in at The Vanity Room, but she learned that as a representative of the store, she had to find a look consistent with the brand. After rummaging through her closet, Chelsea put together a great outfit that included some of her workplace's cool accessories. Laura noticed and complimented her new look!

Find A Bright Side

When Laura first told her new employee to revamp her wardrobe, Chelsea was offended, but she found the positive and used it as the trigger to reshape her entire life. She quickly hired a personal trainer to get in shape. Feeling energized from her workout, Chelsea felt ready to live up to her full potential at work.

Tomorrow Is Always A New Day

Chelsea was able to erase the first impression she made on her boss by excelling on the second day. She successfully helped her first customer, and earned kudos from Laura and her co-workers. Despite her initial fears, Chelsea didn't give up on herself and proved that she was a great fit for The Vanity Room.

+ What do you think was the most important lesson Chelsea learned from her new job? Sound off in the comments!

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