Can You Get Through Priscilla's Awkward Rendezvous Without Pressing Pause?

There was a point in our lives (an hour ago) at which nothing seemed more terrifying than the likes of Hannibal Lecter or a red-eye flight next to a petulant child. Then we sat through Priscilla's awkward get-together with her ex-boyfriend during tonight's "Real World: San Diego," and the thought of someone feasting on our innards seemed like a field day by comparison.

We don't know Dylan too well, and would hate to make a snap judgment, but there's a possibility we have exclusive footage of his first interaction with another human being. His initial discomfort spikes when Priscilla asks him how he is (say "good," Dylan. SAY IT! SAY GOOD!), and she returns his answer with a second "Hi..." Warfare erupts in the background and widespread famine puts the nation at risk, but the two are too busy thinking about what to say next to notice. "Hi" it is! And, OH, THANK GOD, it's time for a tour of the house so they have something to do while conjuring up other ways to exchange pleasantries.

+ Check out the clip below for a repeat of Dylan's trip around the coastal mansion, and tell us how many fingers you used to shield your eyes. Who knew Priscilla's sudden digging into the guy for his past wrongdoings would have put us at ease!

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