'Real World' Poll: Should Everyone Just Butt Out Of ZAshley's Love Life?

Granted when you live in the equivalent of a frat house, you lose certain privileges that many of us take for granted, like say, privacy. However, even with curtain doors as the norm, that doesn't necessarily mean that everyone deserves the opportunity to chime in on your life, right? Or does it?

During tonight's steamy episode of "Real World: San Diego," Zach and Ashley took their platonic gun-toting friendship to the next level during a fun-filled night of clubbing. 'Course, even though they finally crossed the line by publicly kissing, Sam got a wee bit too excited at the promise of them going all the way. When she overheard the mutterings of a lovestruck Ashley, Sam repeated her feelings for all to hear, pissing ZAshley off completely.

+ Even though Zach and Ashley can't really keep their feelings undercover, does that mean their roommates have the right to get involved? Take the poll and share whether you think they all just need to stay out of it.

Does everyone need to butt out of Zach and Ashley's love life?

  • Totally. It's none of their business.
  • Nah, they live together so they can have an opinion.

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