Tender Family Moments From 'Jersey Shore' Season 4 [Photos]

They fought, they got their heels caught in cobblestone fell over their own two feet, and one of 'em even rammed his skull against a concrete wall, but at the end of the season, the "Jersey Shore" gang came together to hang their laundry and celebrate their closeness. Let's relive some heartwarming moments where they proved their love for one another by lending a helping hand however they could.

Deena Bronzes JWOWW's Booty

The meatball meticulously sprayed every nook and cranny of Jenni's near-pale rear, because nothing would've been worse than allowing her friend to head outdoors with a pasty butt. Now that would be embarrassing.

Pauly Fastens Vinny's Bra

Most guys have trouble unhooking bras, and putting them on isn't any different. Lucky for Vin, his bromancer-in-crime was there to dress him. Friends don't let friends head out without their undergarments.

JWOWW Calls Jionni For Snooki

After scouring the streets of Italy (until her feet bled!) in search of Jionni, Jenni woke up the next morning and helped Snooki reconnect with her totally P.O.'d boyfriend. She gets extra points for walking her distraught friend all the way to the train station so she could see him face to face.

Ronnie Counsels Mike

Just days after Ron slammed a couch and basically threatened to swallow his roommate alive, he spent some quality time on the patio listening to Mike, who was clearly feeling alone. Ron tapped into his softer Friar Ron persona and suggested that Mike quit sulking and join the group in some fun.

JWOWW Buys Deena A Pregnancy Test

What are friends for if you can't depend on them to pick up a last-minute pregnancy test to put your mind at ease? Jenni really earned her "Guidette You Can Count On" title with this act of kindness, and she also got to return the favor of the aforementioned spray tan.

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