Chelsea's Letter Was A Reminder To Love Yourself [Video]

During tonight's episode of "Chelsea Settles," our courageous Pennsylvania transplant finally got the will to take control of her weight. After meeting with a trainer and knocking out her first painful workout, the aspiring fashionista agreed to create a fitness journal to help document her journey. The new life she wanted to live required that she care more about her appearance, and Chelsea was determined to improve her health once and for all.

Chelsea's trainer, Angela, also encouraged her to share an emotionally exposing letter she wrote from her "old self" to her "new self." In it, she highlighted her flaws and applauded her own bravery. Not everyone can pick up and move across the country, but Chelsea did it.

+ Check out the video below to hear our young heroine read the letter aloud, then sound off in the comments about what you thought of her words.

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