JWOWW Claims She Can Sleep While Standing [Video]

Snooki and JWOWW present "Best Live" act at the 2011 EMA.

Everyone knows that Snooki and JWOWW like to sleep like logs after a night out on the town (who could forget Jenni's 21-hour conk-out?), but the "Jersey Shore" best buds informed 2011 EMA red carpet host Tim Kash Sunday night that in a pinch, sleeping while standing is not out of the question.

Before honoring Katy Perry for her successful year overseas, the big-haired guidettes admitted to Kash that the taller of the two has the capacity to appear conscious while anything but. In fact, before the interview he caught Jenni drooling while he thought she was awake! After copping to her upright nap, she and Snooks moved onto topics like how they couldn't wait to party with Lady Gaga in female form (alter-ego Jo Calderone was the last they'd seen of her). Watch the two metallic mavens chum it up with our MTV News reporter below.

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Photo: Ian Gavan/Getty Images