'IUTBF' Poll: Was Sammy's Mom To Blame For His Weight?

During tonight's episode of "I Used To Be Fat," overweight teen Sammy started his weight-loss program completely clueless as to why he was so out of shape. His mom, Carmella, felt she was partially to blame. She was previously diagnosed with breast cancer, and during that time she allowed her son to stifle his sadness with food and become completely sedentary.

Despite his mother's plausible theory, Sammy was adamant that his poor eating habits developed independently of her illness; if anything, they were a result of being spoiled. But where was he in this equation? Inevitably, his trainer Saran helped him realize the importance of becoming accountable for himself, and as a result, he was finally able to take control and shed the pounds.

+ What, or rather, who, do you think was the root cause of Sammy's obesity? Take the poll and weigh in!

Who was to blame for Sammy's weight?

  • His mom.
  • It was his own fault.
  • Maybe a little bit of both.

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