MTV's Teen Moms Bond In New York City [Photos]

"Teen Mom 2" cast members head to dinner at The Park restaurant in New York City.

In just one month's time, "Teen Mom 2" returns to MTV with all-new--and very complicated--story lines sprung from the struggles of its cast members: Chelsea, Jenelle, Kailyn and Leah. We here at Remote Control got the opportunity to pre-screen some of the season, and we're not going to sugarcoat it--it's filled with many highly emotional moments, in which a few of us found ourselves shedding tears (and sometimes banging our heads against our desks).

This weekend, invited the girls to our NYC headquarters to shoot the Season 2 online after show, and even though we spent two long days grilling them on camera with tough questions, the four (very blonde!) friends managed to get in some bonding time in the city.

It's sweet to see Chelsea and Kail sharing a supportive hug. Despite the distance between them, this group of ladies has become quite close throughout their journey of being filmed for the series, helping to ease each other through the uncommon experience of exposing the most intimate details of their lives and sometimes taking flak from the public for their personal choices.

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Photos: GTS/Splash News