Lauren Conrad vs. JWOWW: Whose Dating Tips Do You Trust More?

Lauren Conrad at the 2nd annual Autumn Party and JWOWW hosting a party at Pure nightclub.

While visitors can generally expect tips on the perfect manicure, or what to do with old Halloween candy, the former "Hills" star ventured into dating territory today with an inaugural "Ladylike Laws" post. She pretty much confirmed what we already know: Lauren's a sucker for classic etiquette (so don't forget to pick up the check, cheapass).

Reviewing LC's advice, we couldn't help but recall when JWOWW of "Jersey Shore" also braved the wide world of relationship tips on Helpful all the same, but a little less conservative and a little more...doing it next to the small, quaint pond near the interstate.

Because no two people are alike, especially when it comes to dating, we decided to break down how the reality stars' advice differs and invite you to tell us whose you trust more. The following comes straight from their respective websites:


Lauren: Opt for something reasonably priced. When it comes to restaurants, pick a place with a wide variety of menu options. (You never know what your mystery man palate requires…he might be vegan or allergic to shellfish!)

Jenni: A shower, a car or even a kitchen table (just make sure to keep it sanitary and safe).


Lauren: Sit up straight and maintain good posture. Slouching and leaning on your elbows is considered rude and unladylike. Use your best table manners throughout the meal. When in doubt, ask him a question.

Jenni: Park the car and get comfortable in the backseat. What the heck, pack some sandwiches for some post-smushing snacking too!


Lauren: Ask him what he is ordering and pick something of equivalent or lesser value. Order items that are easy to eat and do not require your hands (no sandwiches, burgers, spaghetti etc.). I also suggest staying away from foods with excessive herbs and leafy greens.

Jenni: A man likes a lady who knows her way around the kitchen...get your apron on (and nothing else) and show him what's cooking.


Lauren: A few areas of conversation to avoid include politics, religion, money, previous relationships, deep dark secrets and the economy. Most important, never be critical in conversation or bad mouth anyone.

Jenni: DO NOT get into politics or religion. This can turn a great first night to crap really fast. Even if you are bored s***tless, act like you care about his comic-book collection. Resist the urge to text or check voice mail/email or your makeup. *Look at that, they actually agree on SOMETHING!

Whose dating tips do you trust more?

  • LC's, she's more ladylike.
  • JWOWW's, she's spicier.

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Photos: Jason Merritt/Getty Images, Splash News