'IUTBF' Poll: Which Trainer Would You Want To Work Out With?

The amazing transformations we see each week on "I Used To Be Fat" don't come easy--luckily, the teens are provided personal trainers that play a huge role in motivating them to achieve their weight loss goals. Each of the series' health and fitness pros are crucial to the process, yet they all approach exercise differently. So, if you were to get your rear in gear, which one would you want as your cheerleader? Get a refresher on all of the trainers we've met so far, then take our poll and tell us who you'd want to sweat it out with.

Devin: This "dude with dreads" helped Latrice tap into her emotions, and he remained calm throughout their time together. Even though Latrice cheated on her diet, he never gave up on her; he was committed to sending her off to college a happier person.

Ary: Her positive attitude and cheery outlook was palpable. In fact, Ary's charisma was so infectious that she encouraged Lindsey's overweight mother to change her lifestyle, too. Ary also proved to be a great listener, talking out family issues with Lindsey when she needed it most.

Yusuf: Unfortunately, Ary had to leave before she could take her student to the finish line, but Lindsey was given another wonderful workout buddy: Yusuf. He kept his student focused and even offered her a well-sculpted shoulder to cry on during their first workout.

Jimi: Terra's "tall order" to lose close to 100 pounds before college was tough, but Jimi pushed her to make it possible. He was was the one person there to support her, working to get her resistant family on board as well.

Joey: Between Joey's high energy and Josh's commitment, this pair was unstoppable, dropping 117 pounds by the end of the summer. Sounds like a lot of hard work, but Joey kept it fun.

+ Now that you've gotten a flashback to all the tough love trainers of "I Used To Be Fat," vote on who you would call for a one-on-one session!

Which trainer would you want to work out with?

  • Devin
  • Ary
  • Yusuf
  • Jimi
  • Joey

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