'Death Valley' Poll: Will John-John Live Long Enough To Get With Carla?

When zombies flooded the UTF HQ on "Death Valley" tonight and officers were faced with the possibility that the next minute could be their last, Carla made a promise to John-John, who'd been lusting after his partner all season long--kill all the flesh-eaters, and win a night with her in a hotel off the 101. Needless to say, the guy went all Hulk on the undeads' asses, and when the dust cleared, he barely had a scratch. Funny how that works...

When the time came for John-John to collect his prize, he took the gentleman's approach and told Carla there was no need for her to forget about her girlfriend and sell herself short. Carla told him she had no intention of going back on her promise and headed out, inviting him to follow. He did, but not before dealing a twice-dead zombie with a bomb strapped to its chest a celebratory kick. Then things went black. Then we heard BOOM!

+ Is that...it? Have we seen the last of John-John and heard his final lewd passes to his lesbian co-worker? Or will the slickest guy in SoCal somehow get himself out of this mess? Take the poll and tell us what you predict.

Will John-John survive the zombie bomb and get it on with Carla?

  • Yes, those two have to get together!
  • No, the explosion sounded pretty grim.

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