Who Wins The Battle Of The Big Hurr: Snooki Or JWOWW?

"Jersey Shore" BFFs Snooki and Jenni flaunt their healthy follicles at MTV's 2011 EMA.

Her trademark pouf might be her go-to style, but when Snooki's in the mood to sport some BIG ASS HAIR, she's now got an entire arsenal of options. At last night's 2011 EMA, the "Jersey Shore" standout and her best friend JWOWW hit the red hot pink carpet balancing on their toppers a tornado of sexy, untamed locks, each strand sealed in its proper place with enough aerosol binding to light the place on fire at the flick of a cigarette butt. Their updated '80s cotillion looks--coupled with their blinding bling--turned heads as usual, and yet again spawned another Remote Control poll. (How could we resist?)

+ We wanna know which castie's 'do is doing it more for you. Vote in the poll below and share your thoughts on their smokin' ensembles in the comments. Plus, get a full rundown of Snooki's EMA fashion over at MTV Style.

Whose big hair do you like better?

  • Snooki's
  • JWOWW's

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Photos: Getty Images