Brody Jenner Gets His Mug Fugged Up Defending Avril's Honor [Photos]

Brody Jenner cools off in the parking lot after a bar fight leaves him bloodied.

The City of Lights couldn't awaken excitement between Brody Jenner and his longtime girlfriend, Avril Lavigne, but a bottle smashing over the former's head somewhere in the "Hills" of Hollywood seems to have done the trick!

According to Us Weekly, the couple known for matching their hair with apparel found themselves in the middle of a bar brawl at the Roosevelt Hotel in L.A. this weekend, and when the Brodester saw his girl on the receiving end of several knuckle sandwiches, the occasional hero stepped in to save the day. Tragically, he was rewarded with a bloodied face and a shower of shattered glass. Apparently, things got so rough that he was left with some stitches and fresh scar tissue, while Avril suffered a black eye, bloody nose and ripped-out patches of hair.

Bottle service is presumably a standard for these two. Broken bottle service? Not so much.

Check out some photos of what happened only hours after a battered Brody tweeted: "Having the best night with the love of my life @AvrilLavigne. So happy right now!" Uncool, L.A. aggressors. Uncool.

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Photos: Maciel/