Which 'Teen Wolf' Dude Would Best Honor Movember?

They cracked the case of The Alpha Wolf's identity, but can the guys of "Teen Wolf" sprout facial hair when it matters most? (OK, Tyler Posey can, and has, but the rest?)

In honor of Movember, a monthlong celebration of mustaches in support of men's health, we decided to put some of our finer artistic skills to good use (aka basic Photoshop and a smattering of MS Paint) to let you decide who'd look best with some upper-lip fur. Perhaps Colton Haynes and his distinguished Fu Manchu would incite you to support prostate cancer research? Maybe Tyler Hoechlin's sharp goatee could get you to consider donating to the Lance Armstrong Foundation? Then again, Dylan O'Brien's full beard--including mutton chop-to-chin coverage--kind of puts them both to shame. And NO ONE should rule out the teen wolf himself. Tyler's uncanny likeness to Inigo Montoya in the pic below could inspire just about anyone to give three cheers for man parts.

+ Check out these photos of some seriously 'stached Beacon Hills High students and vote in the poll who you think looks the best. And remember, we're all in this together, so put that razor down and power through the itch. Only 26 more days...

Which 'Teen Wolf' guy's facial hair best honors Movember?

  • Dylan O'Brien's
  • Tyler Hoechlin's
  • Colton Haynes'
  • Tyler Posey's

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Photo of Tyler Posey: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic