'True Life' Check-In: Loren And Kristin Are Texting Less

In today's "True Life: I'm a Textaholic," we met some young people that were practically glued to their phones. So has their obsession waned since the show taped? Check out our Q&A updates below.


Have you continued to minimize your texting?

Yes, I only text a couple of people now, and the majority of the time it's only when someone texts me first. I haven’t been texting in class as much as I did in high school.

How is your wrist feeling?

My wrist feels a lot better. I only have to wear my brace mostly after taking exams, or when I have to type an essay for class.

Are you still happy with your decision to not try out for the volleyball team?

I am kind of upset that I didn't push myself to try out this year. I actually have a meeting with the team captain of the men's volleyball club soon so he can help me start the women's volleyball club.

What was it like sharing your story with us?

Sharing my story helped me realize more about myself. I had to think--and answer questions--about myself that I never really thought about before. I kind of realized what I was missing out on when I spent all of my time texting. I didn’t cut it out of my life completely, but now I'm getting out and actually hanging out with people instead of just texting them all of the time.


Are you and Vincent still dating?

Vinnie and I are still together. Neither of us plan on breaking it off any time soon. Lol. Things are going great--we are moving out of our apartment and into a house in December.

I don't text as much as I did back when Steven and I were together. I only used texting as an escape to socialize. I'm not going to put our personal business out there, but the reasoning behind our divorce was NOT BECAUSE OF TEXTING. Our divorce stems from a lot of issues from the past. Texting and driving with Austin in the car was a mistake, and I did learn from it and no longer do it.

Are you on good terms with Steven? How has it been raising Austin since your divorce?

My friendship with Steven is good. We get along for Austin's well-being. We realized we both needed to forgive each other for what ever it was that we had done in the past before would could move on and be civil with each other.

Always forgive but never forget. Our mistakes in the past make us stronger for our future. For Halloween this year, my mother flew down so we could take Austin out trick or treating. Steven came along with us and it honestly went pretty well. Austin is a great child. It's hard to say goodbye when Steven gets him for the weekend, but I know he's in good hands. And for everyone asking, yes, I have custody. Steven has joint custody.

What was it like sharing your story with us?

It was fun! I definitely had a different view of what would be aired verses what was really shown, though that's reality, huh? They filmed more than 100 hours of footage and aired, what? Twenty-four minutes of it? It's impossible to know someone from a reality TV show, and I feel really bad for anyone who truly believes my divorce ended because of texting.

I hope sharing my story shows other people how silly it really is to be hooked on media. I not only loved texting, but I loved my phone all together. Overall, I am way too busy now to worry about my phone and other people. It's a little crazy how something that once met so much to you can mean so little a couple months later.

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