Pale Snooki vs. Tan Snooki: Which Do You Like Better?

Snooki, promoting her new book at Barnes & Noble, and out and about in New York City.

Maybe it's just a case of overexposed film, but recently, while autographing copies of her new book, "Confessions of a Guidette," Snooki's face reflected an uncharacteristic powdery white hue. Sure, in comparison, the rest of us still look as if we haven't left the basement since DVR was invented, but we truly can't pinpoint a time when the tanning-obsessed "Jersey Shore" star ever went out in public appearing so...caucasian.

On the flip side, Snooks was spotted ON THE SAME DAY traipsing around New York City looking like she just walked off a Carnival Cruise liner (or left Beach Bum Tanning on 14th St. after a 45-minute session in the "Diamond"-level bed--don't judge, I use it as light therapy for my Seasonal Affective Disorder.)

+ What do you think of Snooki's opposing skin tones? Do you prefer the paler, au naturel appearance, or does she look better as her fakely baked--yet arguably more authentic--self (oh, the irony)? Take the poll!

Pale Snooki or Tan Snooki?

  • Pale Snooki
  • Tan Snooki
  • Somewhere in between

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Photos: JS/Splash News, Demis Maryannakis/Splash News