That's What You Said...About 'The Unit'

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After some serious speculating about the true identity of "The Unit," Remote Control managed to get in touch with Mike's elusive pal earlier in the week. The alleged witness to the Sitch/Snooki hookup divulged many juicy tidbits about himself, including that he's dating an award-winning former porn star and that, yes, "Unit" is in reference to know.

For better or worse, here's some of what you had to say about the guy who tattooed his nickname on the inside of his bicep:

Remote Control:

"I think he and Mike are alike, and I would like to see a new cast member on "Jersey Shore." If there's another season, I would like to see "The Unit" there, and see how the other housemates would take it. -- nenaangigo

"Unit is so nice! He replied to a message about a problem that I had in my life and gave me advice that made a lot of sense. I got your back Unit! His girlfriend is hot, too!" -- JShoreFan4Life

"Respect to your body! I spend a lot of time working out and my muscles aren't that ripped at all. Hope to see you on "Jersey Shore," mate!" -- Honza


"Can anyone say copycat? Not too surprised, though--just using a buddy to gain popularity, and the wrong buddy at that." -- Misty L.

"I say bring him on the show! If Snooki can bring one of her friends onto the show, why not Mike? Boot out Deena, trade in 'Unit'!" -- Erik N.

"Can anyone say 'Sha na na'? He looks like he's straight out of the movie Grease. LOL!" -- Lyon P.

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Photo provided by Jon Manfre