'Real World' Mid-Season Trailer: Ash Throws Herself At Zach

We've been wondering ever since the first episode of "Real World: San Diego" aired whether or not Nate and Priscilla were going to give their brief affair another go. Their surprising sack session didn't amount to anything during the first half of the season, and, well, we weren't happy about it! And then there's Zach and Ashley, whose hands-off flirtation is getting really old. If they read any more Tolstoy together we're going to gag. Get out of the bed or get nekkid under the covers already!

Luckily, both of these non-couples still have time to make things right with us.

In the mid-season trailer below, Ash totally throws herself at honky-tonk hunk Zach. We're not judging--this should have happened much, much sooner. Unfortch, he's still playing it cool so it's hard to tell whether or not he concedes. (C'mon, Thor, what are ya waiting for?)

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