Does Ronnie Have What It Takes To Be A 'Bond' Villain?

Oddjob had his steel-rimmed hat and Mr. Big had the power of Voodoo on his side, but faced only with a bedroom's furniture, think either of the "Bond" villains would have a better shot at offing Daniel Craig than Ronnie of "Jersey Shore"? As if Dr. No could uproot barcaloungers as efficiently...

Seaside Heights' biggest and baddest dude recently told the New York Post that after "Jersey Shore" runs its course, he'd love to get into action films, and cited Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel as some of his silver screen favorites. And, with "Skyfall"--the 23rd go-around for James Bond--just announced, we couldn't shake the idea that Ronnie should have a shot at taking on the role of an Ian Fleming bad guy. Why not? He's super strong, has an especially contentious relationship with a certain female friend and looks like he could withstand the fury of any gadget good ol' Q could throw his way.

+ Does Ronnie have what it takes to be an action antihero? Sound off below, and let us know where you think he would best fit into the weird world of Hollywood.

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