Sammy Doesn't Know Why He Overeats [Sneak Peek]

Whenever MTV's "I Used To Be Fat" trainers meet with an overweight teen that's interesting in changing his or her lifestyle, one of the first things they do--after completely ridding the kitchen of unhealthy foods--is try and get a better understanding of how their client got so heavy. In the case of Latrice, her poor eating habits stemmed from feeling unloved by her mom, but sometimes it's not always clear why people overindulge. Next week we'll meet Sammy, an obese teen that has no clue why he's so out of shape.

Check out this sneak peek of Tuesday's all-new episode, where Sammy's trainer sits down with him to find out the cause of his weight problem. Sammy's adamant that nothing triggered it; he just enjoys eating. Unless his trainer can make sense of the cause, she won't be able to help improve his habits and revamp his lifestyle.

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