5 Films Beavis and Butt-Head Should Never See

During the premiere of "Beavis and Butt-Head," the two nitwits thought they could learn something about getting girls by watching "Twilight." But unless you count getting a slew of diseases a success, their plan to become undead as a means of luring in ladies was a huge failure--they let a hobo bite them!

So, could attending movies become a major health hazard for these guys? As a preventive measure, we created a list of films they should be banned from viewing--it's for their own safety...

"Transformers": A B+B viewing of this movie would probably lead to them adopting a steady diet of motor oil and gasoline. And we're not sure how they'd fare trying to engage in extraterrestrial encounters--it's a little outside of their comfort zone, no?

"Harry Potter": It's possible that this franchise would just inspire the guys to whack each other with wands and yell gibberish. But, it's also conceivable that it could cause them to drape themselves in "invisibility cloaks" and take a trip to the girl's locker room. That wouldn't end well for anyone.

"The Hangover": Vegas, heavy drinking and wild tigers! We saw how much trouble it got a group of adults into. Can you envision how these troublemakers would handle a trip to Sin City without parental supervision?

"Human Centipede": If the boys took any cues from this screwy horror flick they'd end up bound for life by their treasured butt-holes. Let's pray hard they never happen upon this at Blockbuster.

"Footloose": We've all seen how dedicated these dudes are to headbanging, so who knows what destruction they would wreak if they broke out into a choreographed dance routine.

+ What additions would you make to this forbidden film list? Let us know in the comments, plus check out MTV Clutch's post, "9 Phallic TV Show Titles That Beavis And Butt-Head Would Love."