Is Nate Allowing The Bright Lights To Blind His Charity Goals?

Everything seemed to fall into place on "Real World: San Diego" when Nate realized he could translate his grief into something positive. The funny guy who'd been mourning the loss of friends and family to suicide got an opportunity to spread his preventative message after the creators of Flex Watch told him they'd go to bat for his cause. In an instant, it looked as if things were turning around.

With true conviction, Nate got down to business and started building the message he wanted to share for "The Living Memoir." But then the T-shirts came, other merch followed and suddenly Nate was at a club, planning a launch party for a product that still seemed bare-bones. Frank noticed the stars in his friend's eyes, and worried he was temporarily blinded by the glitz of his project's Hollywood aspect. Nate was letting the original story he set out to share slip through his fingers, Frank said.

+ What do you think--is Nate forgetting the message he set out to send, or is the party just some harmless secondary fun? Take the poll and sound off.

Is Nate too distracted by the glitz of his charity?

  • Yes, he should remember the message he's trying to send.
  • No, it's just part of the fun, and he's still committed.

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