'Real World' Poll: Have Zach And Ashley Changed For Good?

Just when we thought Zach and Ashley's minds had completely closed up shop, they turned around and proved that even they--two insular peas in a pod--could become accepting of all lifestyles. Sure, Zach had his own version of a "Frankout" during tonight's "Real World" when he spotted a guy in a tutu at the Gay Pride Parade, but by the time Frank's new boy Michael arrived, Zach warmed up a bit (he told Mike to drive home safe!). And Ashley, who only moments before denounced all men in fairy wings, took a major liking to Michael when he came back to see Frank a week later.

+ Have Zach and Ashley finally opened their minds, or were they just so taken aback by Michael's charm that they stepped out of their comfort zone for the weekend? Check out the clip below to relive Zach getting uncharacteristically chummy with Frank, then vote in our poll!

Have Zach and Ashley come around?

  • Yeah, they totally opened up and it's great!
  • Nah, tonight was probably a one time thing.

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