Snooki Nails First 'Real' Interview, Thinks Before Speaking

Snooki at the 'Snooki, by Nicole Polizzi Supre Tan' launch in Nashville last month.

Lengthy GTL discussions. Pouf how-to's. Even weather forecasts. Snooki is no stranger to traversing the media circus, but it wasn't until today that one outlet made her scratch her head and spark those cerebral synapses.

The folks over at GQ got Snooki-the-Republican to really consider life outside of "Jersey Shore," including her status as a businesswoman, her political affiliations and whether she'd consider returning to a life of sticking her hand up cows' asses (for the record, she would). And, she admitted to the magazine that "I've never really had to think in an interview...This is the first real interview that I ever did in my life!" How 'bout that, Barbara Walters?

Snooki also commented that she'd love to show viewers more of the "Jersey Shore" nights during which the housemates stay home from Karma, don't drink and laugh for hours on end, adding that people "just think that we're stupid, that we have no education, and all we do is drink, have sex...I would love to [change that]. I have an education. I went to college, you know?" She's still the same ol' Snooks, though, and while she pushes her second and third books in one breath, she admits reading is "not my style."

Oh, and where to take Nicole on a first date in the event Snionni goes bust? "Probably Ruby Tuesday's or Dave and Buster's."


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Photo: Rick Diamond/Getty Images