Snooki Denies Rumors That She And JWOWW Are Feuding

If you grabbed an "In Touch" along with your morning scone and coffee this week, then you may have come across an alarming story that suggested that Snooki and Jenni were on the outs. The article's source claimed that JWOWW was sick of Snooki's drunken behavior, and that their dwindling friendship has created huge problems for executives of their forthcoming spin-off, in which they're supposed to be roommates. "The girls refuse to get a place together," the magazine's source claims. "Producers are stumped about what to do."

Even though the besties-in-question previously admitted to drifting apart, Snooki took to Twitter to address the false claim: "Ew! In Touch's story about mine and [Jenni's] friendship being destroyed is so FALSE! Our spin-off is still on! Get real tabloids.” So there you have it: You can't always believe what you read. Unless, of course, we wrote it.

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