Were You Impressed With Chelsea's Job Audition?

After an embarrassingly rough interview at L.A.'s celebrity-adored boutique, Lisa Kline, Chelsea decided to leave the trendy area behind and check out some other neighborhoods for employment opportunities. Heading over to Venice with her confident roommate to hand out résumés proved to be a good move, as during tonight's episode of "Chelsea Settles," the aspiring fashionista finally got the news she'd been dying to hear: She was offered a job! Vanity Room wanted to bring her on board.

The Cali newbie was definitely nervous during her retail audition (the shopgoer she tried to help was not exactly easy to please and the store owner seemed a little concerned with Chelsea's lack of assertiveness), so do you think she did a good job assisting customers, or was it her honesty regarding body image that got her the gig? Take the poll and let us know how you felt about Chelsea's salesgirl skills!

Were you impressed with Chelsea's audition?

  • Yes, it was a good first try!
  • Not really, but her sit-down interview went well.

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