'IUTBF' Poll: Should Latrice Have Opened Up Earlier About Cheating?

During tonight's episode of "I Used To Be Fat," we met Latrice, a high school graduate who refused to deal with her emotions head-on (she carried around a lot of sadness that stemmed from childhood). Her inability to channel the pain inside kept her from addressing her friendship with unhealthy food, and she continued to sneak french fries throughout most of her fitness plan. It wasn't until her trainer, Devin, enlisted the help of a therapist that something finally clicked.

No matter how much Devin asked Latrice to open up, she wouldn't fess up to either bottling up grief or cheating on her diet. Even though the overweight teen eventually came around, she wasted a lot of time trying to maintain a tough exterior and shutting people out. Take the poll and let us know what you think about her sneaky approach to dieting.

Should Latrice have told her trainer the truth sooner?

  • Yes! She set herself back.
  • No, Latrice needed to wait until she was ready.

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