Chelsea's Blog: 'It's What You Do With Fear That Determines Success'

Making assumptions based on someone's appearance is a complete party foul. We all have struggles and insecurities to face, but it's what you do with those fears that determines your success in life. You can either sit and wallow in self-pity, or you can make a change.

When Jenna opened up to me and shared her previous issues with addiction, I was shocked. To overcome so much and still maintain a positive outlook on life...she's truly an inspiration! Because of Jenna, I knew that if I stopped complaining and focused on conquering my fears I, too, would make it to the other side of the rainbow.

Not to mention, she helped me find a job! I said it once before, and I will say it again: BEST! ROOMMATE! EVER! (And no, she's not for sale.)



P.S. 11/11/11 will mark Jenna's three-year Soberversary! Congrats Jenna! I HEART you!

+ Check out my video blog below for more of my reaction to Episode 4!

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