How Will Tamara Of 'Awkward.' Handle A 'Psycho Sweet 16'?

The tale of "Dead Stacy" gave Tamara a crash course in fake bloodshed on "Awkward.," but will the actress who plays the show's consummate sidekick be able to handle the real thing when she steps into a horror flick?

According to watercooler rumblings, Jillian Rose Reed has been tapped to play a first-year college student in the third installment of "My Super Psycho Sweet 16." Reed's character will accompany a friend on a visit to her estranged sister only to discover that--fancy this--sis is turning 16...and her party is on the same night they arrive. Oh, and THERE'S A PSYCHO ON THE LOOSE! If the past couple of chapters serve as any indication, the ladies should steer clear of Rollerblades, fire extinguishers and a guy in a mask.

So, mindful of Tamara's quirks, how will Reed survive the night? First, a flurry of obscure acronyms and sexual references will probably confuse the killer enough to allow her to escape whichever dark and harrowing warehouse she's stuck in. If that fails, dealing the dude an "Awkward Sex Touch" sounds like it might do the trick, or at least buy her enough time to smack him upside the head with a function hall folding chair. And, if things still look bleak, we all know what has the power to stop even the most gruesome serial killer in his tracks. Remember the way of Dead Stacy, Jill. Remember the way...

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